Smartr Contacts: the killer app for your diary in IOS

Do you expect Apple to improve one day ‘s agenda iOS to integrate social choices and those of other operating systems? It is a major envy for users of IOS over other systems are those able to synchronize agendas wonders not only typical but also synchronize information with other services likeFacebook, Twitter …

And we have rumored this feature many times , but it seems that we are without it. But while Apple decides to implement a day, dreaming is free, we can use one of the best applications you can find right now in the App Store to perform this task: Smartr Contacts .


A free application to sync your contacts with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. But the interesting thing is that the application will not be able to synchronize our local data of your iPhone, with such social networks, is to unify all our contacts groups under a single application.


This way your 500 local contacts can become more than 3000 (in my case) to merge the four sources of contacts and many times we have partners in networks that do not have in others. The application, once configured, is very simple to use: just open it and write the name of our contact.


The search was carried out on all these networks and unify the same contact information if you have more than one network, while we can see a history of use among us and that person, we have contacts in common … An interesting application and consider


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