All you should know about iPhone 5

After the presentation of the new iPadiPhone 5 to return to the prince of the rumors.However there are still several months of the submission is already a lot of meat on the fire and some rumors may already be confirmed.

Release Date: The dates are two likely candidates. In June during the WWDC, or October, as well as in the tradition of the latest iPhone. Since this is a major release, everything points to an event specially organized for the presentation of the iPhone 5.Great fanfare, location chicks and eyes on the new jewel of Apple.

Screen: There are good chances of seeing a larger screen. But this does not result in a larger size. It ‘s almost impossible to see each other in short, to get an iPhone with a screen larger than 5, except for those that Apple manages to pull mm at the edges surrounding the screen blacks.

Processor: Apple has just unveiled A5X. In all likelihood, however, the processor in question will be further renewed, if not changed in the trunk. A6 will most likely see on the iPhone 5, a processor highly optimized to work at very low voltages, providing extended battery life.

Materials: Apple has already prepared several prototypes of the iPhone 5. Cupertino in all likelihood will continue to move towards a back cover glass, although other possibilities were being considered as an outer shell made ​​of ceramic, the same that will be used by Samsung Galaxy S III. For the glass that covers the touch screen instead, it is likely to Gorilla Glass 2, the glass produced by ultrathin ultaresistente and Cornell.

Connectivity: The great mystery. 5 iPhone will support LTE? Do not know yet. As for the iPad, Apple has decided not to produce models capable of connecting to the frequencies 800/2800MhZ, those used by European LTE networks. By October, however, the music may change, given that LTE will become reality in much of Europe (excluding Italy) and Apple can not ignore the desire of purchasers of the iPhone to surf at speeds five astronomical.

Retinal Display: There is room for improvement. The density of 326 dpi is currently unsurpassed, and it were possible there are good reasons to increase it. At the current resolution of the iPhone 4S is already impossible to distinguish individual pixels. iPhone 5 will continue on this road.

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